Avvy–Syantra Partnership to Make Blood Test for Breast Cancer Screening Available at Home

Syantra DX | Breast Cancer test to provide an easy, accurate new screening option to women in the Greater Montreal area

(Montreal, QB and Calgary, AB) April 25, 2022 — For the first time in Montreal, those who wish to access a unique screening blood test for breast cancer at home may do so, thanks to a new partnership between Syantra Inc. and Avvy Health. As of today, the test is available to women in the greater Montreal area through the Avvy app.

Based in Calgary, Syantra  has developed a screening blood test for breast cancer screening that’s easy, convenient, and accurate. The Syantra DX|Breast Cancer is an advanced, innovative precision medicine test that measures a panel of breast cancer gene expression biomarkers from whole blood and uses software developed with machine learning to interpret results. It can identify invasive breast cancer at early stages, before it spreads.

“Physicians know that early detection leads to better outcomes with any cancer diagnosis. But when it comes to breast cancer, not all women have equal opportunity  for an early, life-saving diagnosis,” said Bob Shepherd, CEO and Co-Founder of Syantra Inc. “This can be particularly true for younger women who typically do not get a yearly mammogram and for those with dense breast tissue, which can make detection by image based approaches more difficult. And as a molecular test, Syantra DX | Breast Cancer is a different approach to screening that can help improve the efficiency of the detection pathway. That’s why we developed Syantra DX | Breast Cancer.”    

Avvy is the first company in Quebec,  to offer the Syantra test and make the test available to women from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Avvy’s on-demand home healthcare service allows Canadians easy access to routine healthcare services from home for themselves and their family members. This flexibility lets patients choose services when and where it works for them, and may help to reduce crowd exposure for those with compromised immune systems.

The app matches patients with a qualified practitioner who will drive to their residence to provide a range of services. That data is then shared securely with the practitioner, and the patient is informed when the driver is approaching their home. All of the information is stored on a secure cloud platform, housed in Canada. The app is overseen by a clinical leadership group that includes several physicians based in Montreal.

Watch how the Avvy app works: https://youtu.be/ruILGV0wzAk

The service, available for both iPhone and Android users, launched on the Island of Montreal in February and has grown rapidly to include Montreal’s surrounding areas. Patients pay a convenience fee to access this service, but can submit blood work requisitions or vaccine prescriptions from their physicians.  

“Supporting women’s health in seamless ways that account for the complexity of modern life is a guiding principle of our vision for Avvy,” says Oren Sebag, CEO. “Scheduling blood tests or other routine appointments has always meant delays and hassle. During COVID-19, we saw increased reluctance to visit hospitals, clinics or lab facilities out of fear of infection. We believe that the trend toward saving time and minimizing risk is a trend that’s here to stay. We want to help women to get the information they need to make crucial decisions about their day to day health and wellbeing.”

About Avvy Health
Avvy is the first mobile platform to connect qualified healthcare providers with Canadians looking to access healthcare services from the comfort and safety of home. The company’s mission is to deliver a seamless, safe and secure experience for both patients and providers. Avvy is currently available on the Island of Montreal, with plans to expand to other Canadian cities. Users can download the app for both Apple and Android smartphones.

Media Contact:

Anthony Davis
Avvy Health
(514) 972-4238

About Syantra Inc.

Syantra Inc. is a precision healthcare company that’s changing the way cancer detection and treatment are undertaken. Its flagship product, Syantra DX | Breast Cancer, is a screening blood test for the detection of breast cancer that utilizes a proprietary suite of biomarkers and software to provide a positive or negative result. 


For more information about Syantra, please contact or visit us at www.syantra.com.

Robert Shepherd, President & CEO