Asked Questions

Want to know more about how Avvy works or what it can offer you?

We’ve put together some helpful information here.


What makes Avvy different?

Avvy is the first mobile platform to provide healthcare services to Canadians at home when you want it, where you want it.

What devices does Avvy run on?

The Avvy Health app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Where is Avvy available?

Avvy is currently available for home or office visits in Greater Montreal and Quebec City. 

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What types of services does Avvy offer?

Our current service listing includes:
Blood tests
Strep tests
Covid-10 Antigen (Rapid) Tests
Covid-19 Molecular NAAT
Ear cleaning

We’ll continue to update the app and our website listing as new service offerings become available.

How do I know what services are available in my area?

Avvy’s technology automatically detects your device’s location and displays only the services that are available to you in your surrounding area. 

As such, you may see services listed on our corporate website that are not available in your region. We are expanding our services and geographic regions all the time. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about all our updates.

How quickly may I book an Avvy service?

We currently offer two appointment booking options:

1. Schedule an appointment up to two weeks in advance.
2. Choose the ASAP option to have an available healthcare professional sent to your location within an hour. Please note the availability of ASAP appointments changes with demand and by service type.

What kind of healthcare professionals deliver services for Avvy?

Avvy employs both full-time and part-time healthcare professionals who deliver services. All of our Avvy’s healthcare professionals must provide: 

• Car and valid driver’s licence
• License to work and completed background check
• Proof of professional certification
• Completion of an Avvy orientation session

Registered Nurse (RN): A registered nurse is a healthcare professional who has completed a nursing education program appropriate to the province in which they are licensed to practice. 

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Licensed practical nurses are qualified to handle many tasks that are necessary to keep patients comfortable while at the hospital or in other types of medical settings.

How much do Avvy’s services cost? What do they include?

For blood tests and other procedures requisitioned by healthcare practitioners like family physicians, Avvy patients pay for the costs associated with the service being conducted at your home, not for the test itself. The visit cost also includes the healthcare practitioner’s time for performing the service and, where necessary, dropping any results to a laboratory for testing.

Are Avvy services covered by private insurance?

At present, Avvy does not have agreements with private insurance companies to cover service fees. If you decide to book, you should plan to pay for the service directly. To receive partnership updates, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How to book a blood test in Quebec?

Ordering a blood test in Quebec with the Avvy app is quite easy and can be done in 3 main steps from the comfort of your home.
1. Download the Avvy app from Google Play store or the Apple App Store
2. Create your profile
3. Add your doctor’s requisition and order your blood test You can even track your healthcare practitioner while they come to you.
Here’s a video that can help

Can you get a blood test without a doctor referral?

You will need a doctor’s requisition to be able to book an appointment with the Avvy app. Make sure to take a snapshot of the requisition form when booking. The results will also be sent to the doctor for review.

How much does it cost to get a blood test in Montreal?

The Avvy app is free to download. You can book a blood test for as low as $109/visit. Other services vary in price and are clearly displayed in the Avvy app. Download the Avvy app from Google Play store and the Apple App Store or by clicking the following link

I have a question. Who can I Contact?

You can reach Avvy’s support team at We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

Healthcare professionals

What if I have another job?

Completely doable: with Avvy, you’ll always have the flexibility to to work when you want. Select your availability around your other shifts, working blocks or family commitments as needed. 

Do I need a car?

Yes, you must have access to a personal vehicle. Please note that motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles are not permitted.

How will I get paid?

Every service offered to Avvy’s clients also carries a commission percentage for the healthcare provider who delivers it. This full commission always applies for appointments, even if the patient uses a discount code

Commission payments range from 25 to 40 percent, depending on the type of appointment you provide.

Do I have to invoice Avvy?

Great news: you do NOT have to invoice Avvy to get paid. 

Instead, an automatic invoice depicting the service you delivered, service date, and the amount paid will be automatically generated and sent to both Avvy’s finance department and your inbox.

Avvy uses Stripe to manage payments. We’ll set up all the details as part of your onboarding process.

Will I have the necessary medical supplies or do I have to provide them?

Whether you’re conducting a blood test or a Covid-19 screening, we’ll always make sure you have all the tools necessary to get the job done. 

We have created several systems to know how much equipment you require and when to dispatch resupplies to you when you’re running low. We can even have special equipment delivered to you for specific tests.