How to book your first appointment

It’s easy to book appointments in-person healthcare services with Avvy.

Instructional Video:


First, you’ll want to download the app, create your profile and verify your email address. Once that’s done, open the app. From the home screen, scroll through the Services to choose the appointment type that you’d like to book. For this example, let’s choose the Strep Test. Click the icon. You’ll see a description of the test. Select “Book Now.”

We’ll ask if the appointment is for you or someone else. Let’s say you want to get tested yourself. Click “For myself.” On the new booking screen, you’ll see your name with the service added. If someone else also needs to be tested, tap “Add Person.”

If you’ve already added family members, tap the person who needs the service. If you need to add family members, tap “New Member” and complete their profile. Once you’re done, click “Add Person.”

You’ll see the person you just added in the “Select Members” screen. Tap the checkbox in the top right to add them to the appointment and then tap next. You’ll see the second person added to the booking screen. Tap “Add Service” to add the strep test for the second person. Then click continue. You may be prompted to save your address if we haven’t visited your location before.

On the “Schedule” screen, choose whether you’d like an ASAP appointment or if you’d like to schedule a time.

You’ll be notified when your Avvy healthcare practitioner is en route to your location.

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