We’re Avvy Health

Avvy Health started with an idea: if you can order takeout or a taxi to your home with a phone app, why not a routine healthcare service? 

Like so many Canadians, we were hunkered down during the pandemic, trying to pay attention to the latest recommendations from elected officials. We were waiting for vaccines, for routine doctor’s appointments, for visits with family and friends. 

Maybe it was different where you live. But Montreal was hit early and hard with COVID-19 cases. Many of our older relatives didn’t know what was safe to do anymore. Suddenly that routine blood work or EKG appointment—always an inconvenience with long lines at the clinic—seemed hopelessly out of reach. At other times, finding an appointment to get a Covid test felt like winning The Hunger Games.  

One thing was clear to us: healthcare delivery needed to change. And fast. We began work on the Avvy Health app in January 2021. We launched on the Island of Montreal in February 2022. 

Early on, feedback from patients and nurses was loud and amazing.

“My experience was fantastic. Super easy and smooth!” ~ Steven, Avvy customer

“It’s great be a nurse with Avvy as it allows me to balance my personal and professional life” ~ Lou, Avvy Nurse

With Avvy, Canadians who wish to access routine healthcare services from home, such as blood tests, routine vaccinations or COVID-19 tests, can now easily order services for yourself and your family members. 

We’re the first Canadian health app to match patients with qualified healthcare practitioners who will drive to your residence to provide a range of services. You pay a convenience fee to access this service, but can submit blood work requisitions or vaccine prescriptions from their physicians.

It’s still early days for Avvy. Each appointment gives us another opportunity to listen to you and to our healthcare practitioners to figure out what’s working and where we can improve.

But we’re also certain Avvy is part of the bigger adaptive trend to digital and accessible healthcare. And we can’t wait to share it with more Canadian cities. 

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